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Christoph Pagel - BarPiano -

Christoph Pagel - BarPiano

30 Bar Piano these and variations of soul, classical music, pop and blues themes, featuring US guitarist James Harman and violinist Elsa Brown of the Deutsches Symponie Orchestra.


David W. Donner- Eterna -

David W. Donner- Eterna

Where stylistic acoustic guitar pioneer Michael Hedges had his tavern regular “Barbara”, and Willie Nelson has his tattered and road worn “Trigger”, ambient acoustic guitarist David W Donner has his Eterna.  Granted, Eterna is more properly the manufacturer's model name, and less a pet name—but the individuality the artist gives it is no less storied and remarkable. “In and of itself, it's nothing special; it's an inexpensive Yamaha model,” Donner explains in the album liner notes, “[it] was a Christmas present from my grandmother. Though it will never sound like a high end Taylor, after the wood has aged over two decades, it has developed a much deeper and richer tone.” 

David W. Donner's first full-length album of all original music, Eterna is an eclectic instrumental acoustic guitar recording, combining modren fingerstyle, meditative, and blues elements to create David's unique sound.

Acoustic, Ambient, New Age

Darin Mahoney - In the Grain -

Darin Mahoney - In the Grain

Darin Mahoney's debut acoustic solo guitar album. Darin sought the advice from Will Ackerman - Windham Hill Records, for this release. Darin's song "Confused" was used in the documentary "Absent". 

Acoustic, Finger-style Guitar, New Age


Majestica - In the Midst of Stars -

Majestica - In the Midst of Stars

Reminiscent of natural wonder yet imbued with a profound sense of human emotion and intimacy, “In the Midst of Stars” seems to move metaphorically between dawn, dusk and midnight, always retaining a sense of mystery throughout. Gorgeous and innovative, this outstanding collaboration between two amazing talents (Cass Anawaty, Sherry Finzer) already sits among this year’s favorites, and is sure to have wide-ranging appeal among fans of chillout, ambient and contemporary instrumental music. ~Candice Michelle

Chill, New Age, Ambient, Downtempo


Matthew Schildt - This Little Light -

Matthew Schildt - This Little Light

Recorded in Alamosa, Colorado at Howlin' Dog Studios, this uplifting collection of compositions features Matthew Schildt on piano, Don Richmond on guitars and mandolin, Kyrstyn Pixton on wordless vocals, Stephen Brannen on electric guitar, Michael Jude on bass, John Michel on drums, and James Doyle on percussion. Melodic, expressive, and uplifting, the compositions range from pastoral and acoustic to energetic and soaring works with jazz and indie-rock influence.


Sherry Finzer - Desert Journey -

Sherry Finzer - Desert Journey

Classically trained flutist Sherry Finzer has embarked on a new journey, venturing into the new age and world music genre. Her CD titled "Desert Journey"(2006), is a collection of flute and guitar music which consists of beautiful and relaxing melodies written by Ric Flauding, and also latin-themed world music written by award winning composer Christopher Caliendo. Chris's songs consist of dark, emotional, haunting melodies, to the exciting rhythms of the flamenco and tango. Sherry has received many positive comments on her first solo CD, and has been told that her music has helped to aid in stress and anxiety relief.

Latin, Easy Listening, New Age, World



Sherry Finzer -Radiant Sky -

Sherry Finzer -Radiant Sky

Radiant Sky is an eclectic collection of world music written for flute and guitar. Sherry is joined by several musicians, including guitarists Ric Flauding and Pedro Perez, and percussionist Freddy Colon to create a unique collection of music which includes flute, guitar and percussion. The compositions were written by Christopher Caliendo and Ric Flauding.

New Age, World, Easy Listening, Latin

Sherry Finzer - Someone Like Me -

Sherry Finzer - Someone Like Me

And now for something totally different! Dance the night away to this fun and upbeat album of popular tunes by Katy Perry, Adele, Maroon 5, Train and more, with the flute as the lead voice. 

Pop, Rock, Dance

Sherry Finzer, Darin Mahoney, Will Clipman - Trialogue -

Sherry Finzer, Darin Mahoney, Will Clipman - Trialogue

Imagine a breath of ancient breeze stirring the fabled Aeolian strings, accompanied by the rhythm of distant thunder and the melody of gentle rain on your window pane, and you’ll have an inkling of the subtle, sophisticated sounds of Trialogue: timeless music as old as the earth and sky, yet as fresh and new as tomorrow’s sunrise. Featuring international award-winning multi-flutist and Heart Dance Records recording artist Sherry Finzer playing concert C, alto and bass flutes; luthier and guitarist Darin Mahoney playing his self-built koa and cedar acoustic guitars; and seven-time GRAMMY® Nominee Will Clipman playing a pan-global palette of drums and percussion, this genre-transcending trio blends the depth of classical discipline with the down-home soulfulness of American roots music and the percolating pulse of worldbeat to create an entirely original sound that is at once soothing and energizing. While the music of Trialogue richly rewards contemplative listening, it also extends an irresistible invitation to celebratory dance.

American, World Beat, Blue Grass, New Age, Classical 




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