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Amy Faithe

Amy Faithe

Phoenix based Amy Faithe has been known for her sultry and soulful vocals in R&B, Soul, and Jazz genres, and has now released her first New Age album, appropriately titled The Ascent. Bursting onto the scene with a bold new freshness the industry has not heard in a long time, Amy Faithe is making a name for herself as one of the top vocalists in the Southwest.

A native of Albuquerque, she developed her own vocal style without any formal training. Her vocal journey began at the age of 6, when she and her family were driving home from a family vacation. Amy was in the back seat while the radio was on, and started singing along. Her parents were astounded as they heard her hit every note pitch perfect and knew at that point that Amy was given a true gift. From an early age she would always be called upon to sing at family gatherings, where she wowed the troops. Amy’s father, Dr. Emil Faithe, says, “I especially remember seeing my dad silently glow in pride when she sang for him. Not much else in life did that for him...”

Amy grew up in a family of alternative medicine with a holistic approach to health and life. From the beginning, Amy has always said that all she wanted to do in her life was “heal the planet” with her voice. She still openly expresses this desire and lives for her music, as her music helps others want to live. She seems to tap into an area of the soul that can revive the spirit, heal all wounds, and bring an unexplainable smile to the faces of those who are in the room listening to her magical voice.

Faithe’s first performance was at age 11, where in the studio she recorded her first song, written by her father, called “Baby Don’t Be Shy”. Her musical influences have been Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Barbra Streisand, Sarah Brightman, and Billie Holiday. She has performed as a vocalist in NYC, LA and on the Vegas circuit opening for Esteban. The Ascent, is an ethereal and thought provoking portrayal of life, love and purpose allowing listeners to voyage to a place that soothes the mind and heart.

Her engineer and producer John Herrera (Clamsville Studios), says “when I start a new CD project I never truly know what the outcome will be in terms of creative flow, artist inspiration, and my own inspiration. In this instance, working with Amy Faithe was magical for me. The compositions and creative ideas flowed freely and quickly with divine inspiration as Amy channeled each performance with grace and humility. This sense of spirituality is very evident when you listen to the recordings, and is quite remarkable as this is her first set of recordings in this genre.” In Amy’s words, “This album is always something I wanted to do and I believe in divine timing. Upon meeting my producer, co-writer, and engineer John Herrera, the cosmos aligned, and we were inspired to create an album that would fuse together healing, contemporary, entrancing melodies and tones to take listeners on an introspective, cosmic voyage.

The Ascent by Amy Faithe is a quality produced contemporary album in the new age, relaxation music genres. I found The Ascent also shines by highlighting Amy Faithe herself, and her abilities as a wonderful vocalist. I hope to hear more releases by this great artist.” ~ John P. Olsen


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