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Amy Faithe - The Ascent -

Amy Faithe - The Ascent

Amy Faithe's musical journey has taken her through being a rhythm and blues singer, into the New Age genre, where she feels most at home. Her debut album The Ascent received rave reviews, with her music being compared to Enya

Nominated Best Vocal Album 2015 by Zone Music Reporter

Nominated Best Vocal Album 2015 by One World Music Radio  


Art Patience - The Recognition -

Art Patience - The Recognition

The Recognition is Art Patience debut album in the genre of New Age. Coming from a background of Rhythm and Blues, Art's music takes the listening through vast terrain and soundscapes, and has been described by many radio programmers as "a breath of fresh air."

New Age, Ambient, Contemporary Instrumental


Michelle Qureshi - Scattering Stars -

Michelle Qureshi - Scattering Stars

Michelle Qureshi is an accomplished composer, multi-instrumentalist, and classically trained guitarist who writes and performs in various styles that combine her instrumental artistry with her passion for creating music. Her work is drawn from delicate, soulful sounds, the product of a curious and creative, spiritually centered mind.

Acquiring instruments from her travels, her home studio consists of acoustic, electric, classical, and 12-string guitars, as well as tablas, a cello, an 'oud, a sitar, a mandolin, a banjo, a dulcimer, a ukulele, a dobro, a harmonium, synthesizers, flutes, didgeridoos, singing bowls, harmonicas, and percussion instruments. 

Ambient, New Age, Downtempo, Relaxation, Meditation


Sherry Finzer & Mark Holland - Flute Flight -

Sherry Finzer & Mark Holland - Flute Flight

Flute Flight is a collaboration with Native American flutist Mark Holland from Autumn's Child. It is a healing sound journey from beginning to end, blending together the traditional and modern concert flutes with the wooden Native American flutes. Flute Flight stayed on the One World Music Radio Top 10 for the months of May 2015 - Feb 2016

WINNER ZMR Best Meditation/Relaxation Album 2015

Nominated OWM Best Album Acoustic 2015

Use for Meditation, Spa, Healing, Sound Journey, Yoga, Ambient


Sherry Finzer - Sanctuary -

Sherry Finzer - Sanctuary

The first in Sherry Finzer's "Sanctuary" series, this relaxing and ambient album takes you through a variety of soundscapes by using the traditional concert flute, alto flute, and Native American flute. Mystic Haze provides visions of the middle east, while Awakenings takes you to a Tibetan temple with the sounds of monks chanting. Celestial Voyage slowly propels you through space and time, while Fortitude brings you deep into a southwestern canyon rainstorm with the gentle sounds of the Native American flute floats in and out with its simple motif.

Relaxation, Healing, Yoga, Meditation, Sleep, Ambient


Sherry Finzer - Sanctuary II: Earth -

Sherry Finzer - Sanctuary II: Earth

Sherry Finzer uses the healing sounds of the alto flute throughout this very ambient, spacious and thought-provoking album. The flute is accompanied by electronic synth pads and nature sounds. Guitarist Darin Mahoney joins Sherry on both Earth and Woodlands. Sanctuary II: Earth is the second in Sherry Finzer's "Sanctuary" series, and invokes images of beautiful and evocative American landscapes.

Relaxation, Healing, Meditation, Yoga, Massage, Spa, Sleeping, Ambient


Sherry Finzer - Sanctuary III: Beyond the Dream -

Sherry Finzer - Sanctuary III: Beyond the Dream

Sanctuary III: Beyond the Dream was released and November 2014 and is the third recording in the Heart Dance Records Sanctuary series. The album was selected as CD of the Month on the long running syndicated NPR show Echoes with John Diliberto. It was nominated for Best Acoustic Album 2014 by Zone Music Reporter and One World Music Radio. The album contains original compositions by Sherry Finzer, as well as well-known songs Amazing Grace, Wayfaring Stranger and Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, and Grace, written by award-winning Australian composer and pianist Fiona Joy.

Nominated ZMR Best Album Acoustic 2014

Nominated OWM Best Album Acoustic 2014

Relaxation, Spa, Meditation, Yoga, Healing, Ambient, New Age


Tom Moore & Sherry Finzer -Whispers from Silence -

Tom Moore & Sherry Finzer -Whispers from Silence

Phoenix musicians Tom Moore (aka Voyager Tom Moore) and Sherry Finzer have interwoven their individual music talents together to create and record an “outer to inner world” musical journey aptly titled Whispers from Silence.The album was designed to help facilitate a deeply meditative experience for the listener using sound and silence. Tom and Sherry create audio imagery with exotic and unpredictable sounds, which unwind slowly and gracefully utilizing wind instruments and synthesizers. The result is a sound that seems ancient, yet sensitive, distinct and relative to the world today. The music on Whispers from Silence encourages deep relaxation, inner peace, and awakening to the spirit.

New Age, Ambient, Electronic, Meditation




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